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Random. Warning: This Post Takes A Plunge.

Happy Friday to you!  Our weather here in Colorado has morphed into a strange mix of unusually warm weather.  And today, a cooler overcast day without that nip that makes autumn so delicious.  I am confused...

A few minutes ago, my toddler ran to the window when he heard the alarms from a fire truck.  I thought I'd break down in tears when he put his hands together and started whispering a prayer.  Moments like this make my heart so thankful...

This is week three of my training to run a 5K on Thanksgiving morning.  Yesterday I ran with my two oldest in the neighborhood vs. training with my running partner at dawn - the morning came way too early.  And I found that I am prone to leg cramps when I haven't had a good night's rest.  One way that running has changed my life thus far (besides the fact that I. AM. RUNNING!!!) is helping me get to bed at a decent hour.  I've had insomnia for years and still struggle with it on nights when I don't have to run the following morning.  Maybe I will have to build up to running every morning...or maybe not.

On a final note, I am going to be examining my Bible to see if I have any Pharisitical (is that a word?) or Pharisee-like tendencies in my life right now.  Why?  Because I have been suffering from a stiff neck for about a week.  It doesn't matter how or where I sleep.  I wake up with a painfully stiff neck.  A heating pad, muscle creams, stretching & massage are all ineffective.  Stress?  Well, that's a post for another day.  I feel like someone has bound my hand onto an angry rodeo bull, and I'm being whipped around & beaten up mercilessly.   So what started off this post on a happier note ends with a severe downturn as more bull manifests itself in my life.  I lost something precious to me a little bit ago.  By carelessness on the part of another.  In a string of carelessnesses.  Adios, before I take us off the precipice of despair.  

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BARBIE said...

Oh my gosh, that is so precious about your toddler! Stiff neck? No fun. Praying it goes away soon!