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Party Away The Blahs

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I was feeling kinda blue. Sorta down. Envious of another's green grass.  Focused on what was wrong in my world.  I'm not normally one who tolerates a lot of self-pity but found myself wallowing in it, nevertheless.

Then I remembered something God inspired me to do a few years ago when bad news hit our family: I threw a party.  When my husband was laid off, we prayed about the situation, of course.  Then we danced.  

It was the most tangible way to express faith after we prayed.  I knew God heard our prayers.  and cared.  and would take care of us.  Even while my heart was still processing the challenges, I could outwardly rejoice by holding a celebration of Truth beyond circumstances.

Back to this morning's blahs.  After the inspiration recall, I phoned some friends to come over for a Gingerbread Decorating Party/Potluck the day after tomorrow.  We'll prepare the house tomorrow and then make loads of happy memories with our friends.  Scheduling events helps chase away the clouds, the blues and greens and any other color that tries to drag me down.

What helps you when you're feeling down?  Want to come over and decorate some Gingerbread cookies?   



How is your holiday season going thus far?  

For me this year seems quieter.  We've enjoyed a number of seasonal activities...the Christmas parade, crafts at the library, special storytimes, iceskating, parties, etc.  I musn't forget the adventure of Black Friday!  But overall, this year is different...

We are in a new state (which seems to be the one place that IS NOT snowing, by the way.  Snow in Colorado?  Why would I think that?!?)  And "new state" meaning far more than geographical location.  Some parts I can talk about, some not.  

This is a Christmas away from family and without my mom.  God has provided lovely friends, and it fills me with warmth and comfort.  New friends so considerate and welcoming...I am blessed.  And connecting with longtime friends, where hearts are immediately understood...I am blessed.

As this year wraps up and I consider the numerous changes, upheavals, trials and tragedies that have occurred...I must declare that I am blessed.  My children are lively and loving and joyful and healthy and expressive and too wonderful for words!  I have grown in my relationship with the Lord and am living a more authentic life.  This last year has taught me so much, forced me to mature in some areas,  required me to face difficult situations...yet by the grace of God my heart is open. healing. embracing truth. and still willing to learn and grow.  By the grace of God. 



My New Retreat Place

This is my new favorite place to be, 
a beautiful retreat that soothes my soul and fills me with awe of God's artistic perfection.

It's a little over 3 miles around the lake, 
and the views and terrain change.
From a paved path to gravel,
the stretch of mountains to a farm and grazing cows.
Even a little waterfall and stream!

There are inviting places to sit awhile as well as spots for a picnic,
playgrounds nestled in among exquisite homes,
 but the part that speaks most to me
is the stretch of wilderness.

It's quiet there.
And my heart is at peace.