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Friend Making Monday: Survey!

I love questions, which is what today's Friend Making Monday is all about! Here's some more info about me:
1. Favorite website
Hmmm...I check the news, my e-mail, Facebook and catch up on my favorite blogs. 2. Favorite color
I finally met someone who has the same dilemma that I do - I do not and never have had a favorite color. I like certain colors at certain times or for certain things for specific reasons. I'm more a color-texture-pattern-color combination person. 3. Facebook? {Post a link or share your name if you want some new Facebook friends!}
I am trying to keep my Facebook friends list filled with people I know personally, especially since some of my friends are teens... I've had some crazy posts come through from friends of friends that I didn't know, & it is hard to know how much info/photos pass through to your other contacts. 4. Favorite Christmas song? The Christmas Song, isn't that the actual name of the song? "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire..."
5. Christmas tree: Real or fake? I'd like to experience a real one some day, but ours is not only fake, it's WHITE!
6. Hottest celebrity? My husband is so ok with this (though he thinks it's kind of funny), but I think Dr. Oz is HOT!!! He's number one on my celebrity list.
7. Favorite restaurant? We don't go out to eat much, preferring the food we make at home, but I like the occasional Mexican restaurant or even Panera for a hearty soup & sandwich.
8. Favorite magazine? I like home & design magazines, Martha Stewart's Living, Better Home & Gardens, Ballard Designs catalog
9. Favorite thing to drink around the holidays? I like to have a glass or two of eggnog, but Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte is my favorite treat.
10. Favorite Christmas movie
Home Alone is my absolute favorite Christmas time movie for some strange reason. I think it's because of the house, the snow...I don't know!
Enough about me - what are your answers to these questions?


Alicia said...

My in-laws always had the most beautiful white Christmas tree ... so your post made me smile!

Have a great week!!

LAURA said...

Panera soup... mmmmm!

I forgot about Home Alone!! Going to have to watch that one again this year.

Namine said...

good movie choice!! Happy FMM!

Nicolasa said...

ooh a white Christmas tree! Fun!

Happy FMM!

Momma V said...

I love the idea of a white Christmas tree though I am not so sure I could pull it off!

paledamiana said...

Who knew we shared a white christmas tree...though I believe the purple lights and purple garland may be different on mine than yours.
Dr. Oz...really? You are SO my sister...
Love ya!!