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30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 8

Day 8: A Place (or Places) I've Traveled To

This may be my favorite post yet -
I am so thankful to have had the opportunity 
to experience several countries!

© Japonka |
I was born in Hawaii and moved to Japan when I was around one.
My parents took us on road trips all over Japan.
We visited towns where the people 
had never seen Americans.
The people gasped when my siblings and I started speaking Japanese.
They gathered around us and bought us ice cream!

© Mval |
At age 11, we moved to the United States.
To date, I have visited (meaning an actual stay vs. just driving through)
18 States including Alaska and Maine.

© Thethirdman |
I spent a month total in Kenya and Ethiopia with friends from Bible school
and fell in love with Ethiopia.
A year and a half later, 
I moved to Ethiopia for a year as a missionary.
Though I intended to remain in Africa for the rest of my life,
God had other plans for me.

© Svetlana Kashkina |
Prior to coming back to the U.S. to get married,
I spent almost 3 months in Bulgaria, 
traveling all over that country
for the same organization that sent me to Ethiopia.

© Christina Deridder |
When my daughter was one, my husband and I took her to Holland for 2 weeks
because we were planning on moving there 
to work with a Christian ministry.
It wasn't the right time for our family, but we loved Europe.

Our last major trip was 1st to Canada, then Alaska.
We won a cruise and fell in love with Alaska.
Then again, I don't think we've been anywhere we haven't loved.

© Easyshutter |
Now if only I could hurry up and get to Paris, 
the city of my dreams! 
My friend and I were supposed to go back In March 
to celebrate our upcoming 40th birthdays,
but I moved to Colorado.

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BARBIE said...

How blessed you have been to have traveled so much. That's an opportunity most people don't normally have in their life time!