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Why I Blog

Even with my modest number of followers, I noticed today that one person stopped following me.  Though it didn't bother me, I wondered why.  Several blogs have recently posted about the challenges of gaining followers or popularity, especially for those wanting to make an income from blogging.  All of that got me thinking about why I blog.

Initially this blog was a way to update family and friends about our lives and to post pictures of the kids.  Eventually I started another blog, House of Beauty & Culture, for creative projects while keeping this one for my personal voice and to share about family life.  This blog has turned into an online journal of sorts...reflections of past experiences, living in the now, and ever hopeful for the future.  

It is a thrill to receive comments and e-mails about something I've written.  And I have been so blessed by the new friends I've made through blogging.  With the huge move across the country and family members undergoing huge challenges, I haven't written a lot recently.  I apologize for my absence.  I haven't been a good commenter either, sorry :-(

God has been ever so gracious to me in the midst of the whirlwind of experiences-emotions-changes-challenges.  I look forward to sharing some of the things He's shown me.  His Word IS true and steady, especially in the midst of unsteady times.  God is so very accessible;  He hears our prayers and responds.  It may not be in the way we anticipated, but He is there, "an ever-present help" in times of trouble and need (Psalm 46).


Always Nesting said...

I'm really glad that we connected and I'm really glad that you are continuing to blog as your time permits. I see you as a shining light, amidst your life changes. Big hugs, Marla.

Laine said...

Hey Miki, you may or may not have noticed my blog disapeared? I've had problems with some people more or less stalking, nothing horrible - it just made me realize that there are in fact some people that I don't want reading my blog. You are not one of them. If you are still interested in following me I will send you a private invite. Otherwise - I totally hear ya on the absense of followers, sometimes it's just good to be reaffirmed and esp as a mom at home the bloggy world is a great outlet and allows me to do it on my own time, when I have it! Hope you have a great day & weekend!

One Christian Mom said...

I understand the absence of blogging posts - I am in the middle of a "blog drought". :) BTW - I got my goodies today! Thank you! I need to get it all together to take a pic so I can post it :) The PO apologized for it getting lost, and they found it and delivered it today. I don't know when you sent it, so I don't know how "lost" it got - but I have it safe and sound. And what goodies :) Thank you!

Domestic Diva said...

Dont know WHEN the last time I blogged....Life just gets too crazy! I have enjoyed reading your stuff though.