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Snapshots of Our New Home in Colorado: A Pictoral Essay

One of the most amazing things about living in Colorado are the views of the mountains.  This is what we are blessed to see as we drive around town...breathtaking!
This pagoda is located in my neighborhood at a Japanese park alongside a small stream.  With sports fields, a playground and pool, we will be spending a lot of time here!
This fiery plant was at the entrance of another park that we visited as we toured our new area.  Another fantastic aspect of Colorado are the number of parks, trails and biking paths everywhere.
An industrial component on the other side of this park and lake.  I like the contrast of the gritty steel...
...with the beauty of the lake and river.

Charming homes by the entrance of a park that is also close to our neighborhood.

Inside the park...
The end of our day exploring the town...


Elaine said...

ooo sooo pretty!!! Your pictures are great! I am jelous.. Colorado looks wonderful. I'm in iowa and right now I hate it! I hate the heat and it's supposed to be spring, but I have to turn on my AC because it's 85 degrees up here! WAAAAA

Always Nesting said...

Love the photos. I'm guessing you are settling in and hopefully loving living in Colorado. Every move has it's difficulties so I'm glad you have had some time to post.

Your children are beautiful! Love those big smiles. Oh how I miss my girls being little with all the giggles.

One Christian Mom said...

How beautiful! I actually have two brothers in law who live in colorado, they also say the scenery is like nowhere else. It looks wonderful.