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Five Things About Me

This is my first time participating in Talkin' About Thursdays. Today's topic is "Five Things About Yourself." Let me see if I can come up with five that I haven't mentioned before in other questionnaires. Five Things About Me: 1. I am half-Japanese and grew up speaking both Japanese and English. In fact, I thought everyone spoke those two languages (since it was my family norm). When my American grandmother visited us when I was about seven, I kept switching from one language to another and couldn't understand why she wasn't responding to me. She thought it was hilarious that I kept doing that, really believing that she spoke Japanese! 2. Growing up in Japan, I used to practice being American by insisting we eat "American" foods like pizza and hamburgers. I even had a Valley Girl dictionary and practiced with my friends in order to fit in once we moved to the States! (It was the early 80's.) This did not work at all, since I was totally unfamiliar with common slang phrases and took them literally. 3. I've loved reading since I was a child; my favorites include biographies and mysteries. I recently finished a fascinating book about the Secret Service and am currently reading Gayle Haggard's autobiography. My husband is amazed at the questions I can answer on Jeopardy all comes from reading! 4. I really dislike my middle name and would like to remove it legally. I regret not doing it when I got married. My first name was carefully chosen by my mother and has a special meaning (Beautiful Century - the name of this blog!) My middle name, ugh! It doesn't match my first name AT ALL (it really sounds ridiculous), has no sentimental link, and I have NO IDEA why my dad added it And NO, I won't ever tell because I don't want to hurt the feelings of anyone who may have that name. 5. My favorite forms of exercise are swimming and dancing. Though I have little endurance with running, in the pool I can swim many, many laps without tiring. I was once challenged to a race across a pool by an adult soccer player in Ethiopia (showing off for his teammates) and beat him twice! My husband is a fantastic dancer, and I hardly give him time to rest on the rare occasion we go out dancing. I try to squeeze in as much dancing as possible since it only happens a few times a year these days. Well, now you know some things about me. Tell me about you!


Genny said...

So glad you joined in today! It was fun to read this and learn about you.

I grew up dancing and have always loved it, so I could really relate to that.

And I think it's cute that you thought all families spoke two languages!

Hope to see you again next Thursday!


Barbie said...

Hello and nice to meet you! Your blog is absolutely stunning. I always envy those who speak other languages. I grew in a home with a dad who spoke fluent Spanish, but since my mom didn't understand it, he didn't talk to us. Praying your day was blessed!

Esther said...

I LOVE reading too!!
Great blog, will be coming back!

KellieS said...


I stopped by from My cup 2 yours. It's nice to meet you. I love your site; it's beautiful.

I also love that you titled your blog after the meaning of your cool is that!

Well, have a great day!