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Little Man & Momma

Treasured moments with my toddler.
He's growing and changing so quickly.
One moment it's "Hold me."
Then the next, "Get Down. Stop. No!!!"
I tell my children that they'll always be my babies.
Even when they're all grown up and towering over me.
I reserve the right to pull them onto my lap
and smother them with kisses.
It's good to pause to really enjoy these times.
In between the squabbles and messes and everything else.
These are the moments that make memories.
The same adorable toddler has the remote and an extremely pleased expression on his face as he watches his Wiggles DVD in fast motion. And his first word upon waking up this morning was "Wii!" Mr. Nice Guy let him play just once and now he's demanding it from morning to night. Sigh. It's a new stage of independence and assertiveness and very strong opinions. It's a good thing that he's so very, very cute...

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Faith Imagined said...

Your son sounds a lot like mine! Awesome pictures!!!