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A Storm.

Today seemed a normal day. We woke up, got ready and left for church. Then an unexpected cloud of circumstance rolled in and darkened the horizon. No worries, it was going to be a temporary delay at most. Or so I thought. But the winds started picking up. And strong waves attacked the fortress, the place of peace.This was turning out to be a bigger storm than I could have ever predicted. It caught me unaware but not totally unprepared. The Son was shining still on the other side of the storm clouds. I'd checked my position and communicated my whereabouts prior to departure. But the blows hurt. The pounding took a toll. Darkness hovered after the battering of the wind and waves. But then a Light. And other beacons pierced through the oppressive dark. Stars twinkling. A lamp light in a window. Headlights. A flashlight. There were bright spots all around, bringing comfort and clarity through the dark. We were found. We were fortified.
Thank You, my Lord, for Your goodness, Your hand of protection and Your provision. Thank you my dearest family for coming alongside to encourage. Thank you friends for your prayers that help sustain us in the midst of the challenges. I often find myself turning to the positive voice in most of my writing, even if I started out in angst or rage. It's not my desire or intention to present a picture of great faith or togetherness. But I do have a genuinely optimistic sense of God's sovereignty in our lives and circumstances, an unwavering belief in His protection and deliverance. He has certainly brought me through many trials and tragedies - He IS faithful, always, to His Word. And my desire is to honor Him, to proclaim His goodness and steadfastness throughout all circumstances. I am challenged to share more transparently, however, and to open up about the tears that pour out, the tight throat, quivering knees, the wanting to sleep for a year and only wake up when the circumstances are over. The depression I battle. The anguish within that threatens to overtake me sometimes. The marvelous contrast of His strength and my weakness. Everything good in my life has come because of Jesus. Without Him, I would not exist. I would have been destroyed a long time ago. But He lifted me out of a rubbish heap and determined to clean me up. And there are still areas... But everything good has been because of Him. And has come through Him. Blessed be His Holy Name.

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