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Day One: Declare Your Goal

Gotta have something to run towards, a specific goal, to be successful in making lasting changes. Ready to declare yours? Another thing to consider in pursuing this goal for the 30 Day Challenge is breaking it down into measurable parts. All participants will daily post in the blog comment section, via e-mail or Facebook what they accomplished and/or the challenges they faced in reaching their goal. Success is not just finishing - it's in the overcoming of difficulties along the way. My goal for the 30 Day Challenge is to exercise daily. I am returning to a simpler, healthier lifestyle (including NO SUGAR and NO TV), and one area that needs a serious boost is incorporating exercise into my every day.
A general overview of the 30 Day Challenge: Week One - Saturday 1/2 to Friday 1/8 Week Two - Saturday 1/9 to Friday 1/15 Week Three - Saturday 1/16 to Friday 1/22 Week Four - Saturday 1/23 to Friday 1/29 The last two days of the Challenge will be Saturday 1/30 and Sunday 1/31. C'mon! Let's do this thing!!!

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Miki said...

I am modifying my goal of exercising every day. I've often pushed myself unrealistically and caused either injury or exhaustion. The first part of my goal of healthier living will be to get to bed by 10:00 p.m. consistently for the first week. To that I will add the daily exercise in week 2. I did meet my goal of getting to bed on Day 1 - I turned in at 8:00 p.m!