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30 Day Challenge: Get Ready, Get Set, GO

Mr. Nice Guy and I are embarking on a 30 Day Challenge. The guidelines are simple:
1. Determine a specific challenge or goal for the next 30 days
2. Post that goal as a way to be accountable (via this blog's comment section, e-mail, Facebook)
3. Communicate to me daily on how you met that goal
Since January has 31 days, we will officially kick off this Challenge tomorrow, January 2nd. Please join the fun - the goals can be anything! My goals in previous challenges included going to sleep by 10:00 p.m. and exercising every day.
I'll post daily encouragements and updates as well as my own progress. Let's jump into 2010 with new habits and success!!!

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smbcinema said...

I'm signing up for this 30 day challenge. My goal is to read 40 pages a day in my Bible in order to read cover to cover in 60 days.