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A Story Told Thru A Camera Phone

Once upon a time,
there was a brother and sister who loved each other very much.
Only two years apart, they were the best of friends.
They played well together and shared all of their toys.
One of their favorite activities was dressing up.
And posing for lots of pictures for their parents.
Mostly, these two were delightful and as sweet as pie.
Bringing lots of joy to their parents.
Sometimes they got a little mischievous...and fought.
Teasing one another mercilessly.
But they missed each other when separated.
They apologized profusely.
And tried to mean it.
And make the truce last.
Then one day a new person came into their family.
A baby the two had earnestly prayed for.
He was really cute, and they adored him.
But not when he put their toys in his mouth
or drooled into their juice.
Which happened often.
But they forgave little baby
and welcomed him into their world of play.
Except for when he put their toys in his mouth
or drooled into their juice.
Then they cried out for MOM!
who whisked baby away.

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Bree said...

This is precious Miki! They'll love this when they're older :)