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Day Two: Make The Necessary Adjustments

Welcome to Day Two of the 30 Day Challenge! Though it's only the second day, I want to encourage you to make adjustments along the way as necessary to succeed in meeting your goal. The idea is not to find excuses or move away from your goal. Instead, things may need to be modified here and there in order to help. For example, I altered my goal of exercising every day. The last few days of the holiday have worn me out, and I've been getting to bed very late. I realized that for the overall sake of good health, I first need to get back to a regular sleeping schedule so that my body is well rested and ready for the next phase of regular, vigorous exercise. I modified my goal to getting to bed by 10:00 p.m. every night for the first week, then adding exercise to that in the second week. My major desire for this year is to be healthy and strong, and all of these steps are leading me to that. Sometimes those adjustments mean breaking down your original goal to smaller steps, like mine above. Sometimes, like when driving a car, the adjustments mean pausing to consult a map to make sure you're on track or on the best route for where you want to go. The main thing is staying on course, no matter what. No matter the challenges along the way or any delays. Keep going!

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Miki said...

Day 2 was a traumatic day, no exaggeration, and it took me along time to unwind at night. My emotions were still raw and needed processing, so I did not meet my goal of getting to bed by 10:00 p.m. I skipped a nap today and plan on being back to the regular schedule. MIKI