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"Get Dressed!" Day Two: A Measure of Success

Ha ha, this was NOT me yesterday, though I did get dressed and put on make-up.  In the slump that is today, I didn't feel up to downloading photos from yesterday.  So I posted one already in a computer file as a fill-in and also as a reminder that it IS possible to be pulled together.  Just not today.  And I am OK with that.

Yesterday we attended a homeschool knitting class for my daughter;  I chatted with groovy moms while kids knitted or played.  The bonus was a boy my son's age.  Yippee for new friends!!!  Then we took a drive to pick-up a hot pink sphere chair for my daughter's oh-so-cool French room.  Yippee for Craigslist finds!!!  All in all, it was a good day.  I looked pulled together and chic.  It felt good.

This morning started out okay.  The snow overnight (wait, it is April, right?) determined that today will be an inside day.  My mom has now been in hospital for a week and is not handling things well.  The last few days I've had to deal with parents behaving badly, and it doesn't feel very nice.  I am giving them a time-out so that I can regroup, focus on what is before me and not get drawn into the drama.  Today, my therapy is in making the house look pretty.  I set up the dining room area and have been sorting my creative supplies.  I have apothecary jars to fill, candles to light, tweakings that need to take place all over the house...all while listening to 80s music.  Sounds like a good day to me!    


Always Nesting said...

Miki!!! I'm so proud of you jumping into life in Colorado and making new friends. Just found out my niece is moving to Boulder with her hubby.

I had to laugh at giving your parents a time out. I'm soooo with you on that one since I'm on hiatus from my family's drama. Can't and won't participate. My mom is the original drama queen and it sure gets old after a lifetime of it.

Have fun sorting your supplies and nesting in your new home.

Big Hugs, Marla

Miki said...

Just wanted to say that I LOVE YOUR NAME! because....that's my name too! Is this your real name? Actually this is my nickname but I go by Miki all the time. My real name is Mikal, just like the male version, Michael, which happens to be my husband's name. :D How do you pronounce your name? I pronounce mine "Mike E".