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The Thrill of Inspiration!

This is a horse, er... a napkin of a different color compared to many of my blog entries. But I just had to share the good news, since this photo represents something that is very important to me. Major score - I found two packages (set of four in each) of these delicate yellow (the photo shows them as darker - they really are a lovely pale yellow) cloth napkins at Target on clearance for $2.50 each! Let's take a pause, shall we, to admire them.So what's the deal with these cloth napkins? Why are they so important? Because I love to have tea parties and dinner parties with a beautifully assembled table filled with scrumptious fare, and cloth napkins are a must! As lovely as white napkins are, these will add another dimension to my tea party/dinner party function and decor. How elegant. And just perfect!
In the previous post I mentioned some books I am reading, and one specifically about passions and things you enjoy...well, I love tea parties and all things related to having a tea party. So these added a huge boost to the joy and thrill in this area of my life and also brought inspiration on how I can incorporate more of this in my daily life, to channel that passion. For example, I've jokingly started referring to our homeschool as the "Tea Party Homeschool," in order to take a fresh look at my approach in the scheduling and order of our days. It's easy to focus so much on the academic subjects, that one forgets to smell the roses or the fresh tea brewing, so to speak. I want to add more delight and sense of whimsy, to not just have the "oh-so-serious English library" homeschooling experience but also a "wondrous, topsy-turvy Alice in the Wonderland, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore" kind of flair.
Discovery. Delight. Dreaming and aiming big, thinking outside the box, and reaching both deeper and higher into our imaginations and what-ifs. Those are the components I want more of in my life and in our homeschooling time. That is how I want to lead my children and what I want to impart more into them. Of course, we always get all the schooling requirements in, but there is so much more out there. And I'm going to be looking harder for that rabbit hole that'll take us off the beaten path to barely imagined possibilites and dare-to-try-adventures. All that in some yellow napkins, (and to quote one of my favorite designers Candice Olson), how divine.

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One Christian Mom said...

Beautiful! Tea parties are fun. I haven't been to one in ages. I can imagine how wonderful a tea party at your house would be :-) Glad to see you feeding a passion and helping the kids to love it, too.