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Days Nine & Ten: Being Mama, Watching Butterflies and Pondering Gifts

Being Mama overrules other activities as I help my butterfly prepare for her dance recital Saturday. An afternoon and evening performance. A little solo. Her love of dance and the gift God's given to her. The joy of watching her. Mama is so proud :-) This photo is from a recital a couple of years ago - my baby's the one in the air.

My mother was a professional dancer who started studying at the age of three. Though her career on the Japanese stage was cut short, she later taught for many years and performed here in the States. I used to love watching her as she told the various stories - a noble samurai defending his honor or some tragic tale. Japanese dramas almost always seem to be so melancholy!

What I've observed about my mom dancing or even my little princess pooh is that there is a certain command, a confidence that can't be replicated when you are flowing in your element or area of gifting. I don't think it can be taught, only released. In watching the rehearsals for my daughter's recital, there are many dancers who seem to genuinely enjoy dancing regardless of skill level. It is a pleasure to watch them. Some dancers merely go through the motions, and it makes me wonder why. But there are always a few who radiate an inner joy and light as they dance, and your eyes are drawn to them. Their gift of dance is obvious as they effortlessly move around the stage. Butterflies, I call them.

We all have different gifts and abilities, an area we can flow in that comes from an inner sense, an inner knowing. It's not taught, though it should be developed. It should be tapped into and released in our lives - it's an important part of who we are. Do know your areas of strength, your giftings, talents, etc.? I am pondering my areas and how I can incorporate them more in my everyday. Oops, gotta run - it's time for rehearsal!

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