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30 Day Challenge

Ready to to try a new path? I successfully completed a 30 Day Challenge yesterday that was hosted by my friend, Carlton - hurray! My personal goal, a habit I want to develop into a lifestyle, was to exercise every single day for at least 30 minutes. The "rules" of the challenge were to state a measurable goal for the 30 day period and to post daily on his blog our progress towards that goal. Easy enough, right?
Every day, Carlton posted an encouragement or motivation on his blog to help keep us going, which was extremely helpful because it isn't easy or convenient to follow through on commitments every single day. New habits require deliberate time and attention to maintain, as if my life wasn't busy enough...
What I learned through this experience was that the commitment to myself was valuable and important. And that there was plenty of room in my life for better habits that encouraged health. I realized that I could reach my goal, broken down into daily bite-sized pieces, and it inspired me to attack other areas of my life that I wanted to change and improve. So I am hosting my own 30 Day Challenge starting Wednesday, June 10th. l
I borrowed the following from Carlton's blog (
To take part in the 30 Day Trial Challenge you need to do 2 things: 1. Set a specific and measurable goal.
2. Commit to it for 30 days and create actions to prove that you met this goal every day by posting a comment on this blog to let everyone know how you are doing.
Think about a goal you have for yourself and make that commitment. The accountability of posting your results, even when you haven't been able to meet the goal, is extremely helpful. Meet me back here on Wednesday, June 10th, ready to develop new habits and/or make a step towards a change in your life!

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