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Day Eight: A Reminder Why The Days Are Being Counted

Remember the 30 Day Challenge? It started as a way to pinpoint a specific goal or habit and challenge yourself to daily record the steps you took to meet that goal. Over the course of 30 days, a goal could be met and a new habit developed. Over a week ago I wrote, "The next month is a blank canvas of potential and opportunity... to meet goals, make positive changes, to show yourself what you are capable of, to accomplish something positive...."
Funny thing: I have not met my goal yet in getting to bed by 10:00 pm., though I will continue with that as my goal for the remainder of this challenge. Along the way, I have discovered a lot about myself and why this particular challenge has been hard to meet. I am also taking steps to help make this goal a reality; for example, I discovered that our whole family's sleeping times were off and that really impacted when I went to bed. The older kids have been talking and giggling in bed way past their bedtimes, and that affects my alone time. The baby's sleep time is later than I think it should be. What started out as a life adjustment for me has turned into a bigger one for the whole family.
Meanwhile, the awareness of quality of life has made this time more. . .quality! I feel like I am living more intentionally, rather than merely drifting along in this life. In this way, the 30 Day Challenge has helped with positive changes in this first week.
What about you? How's life? Enquiring minds want to know...

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