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A Place of My Own

Wendy at The Shabby Nest had a wonderful post about creating a place for yourself, to unwind, be inspired, daydream, etc. The bathtub used to be that place for me in previous homes when there were multiple bathrooms and deep tubs to relax in. But I haven't had "my space" for about two years...until today! Inspired by her post and desperately longing for a spot of my own, I hauled my gorgeous freecycled dark wood table that was buried under boxes in the dining room (we're still unpacking) and created a cozy nook in the living room.
This corner contains several of my treasures: a vintage picnic basket, a tray with my oldest tea set, some candles, my correspondence box and the softest white blanket hugging the back of the leather chair. Pictures to come.
I am so pleased and soothed inside. Haven't been able to write much in recent days due to inner turmoil. So much going on. But now I have a feminine spot. To unwind in and to process. To have a cup of tea and to read. My Bible, which I have not been as faithful in reading, which will really help bring comfort and peace. To write, something that is so necessary to me. To create, which brings such delight. And to hold my precious ones. Moments spent with my arms wrapped around them are some of the sweetest in my life.

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