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10 Things I Love About Homeschool

My friend over at One Christian Mom asked for others to share a list of their favorite things about homeschooling. Here's mine:
1. Learning what each child's strengths and interests are and being able to customize our studies to enhance these
2. Spending every day, almost all day with these incredible gifts from God - it's not always easy & we do have outside activities too, but we do love being together as family
3. Being able to make adjustments to our day and our studies based on what's going on, family needs, pausing & going deeper into a subject that interests us
4. Though we have a basic schedule we keep, not having to race out of the house every morning is wonderful!
5. Homeschooling has opened my eyes to the educational opportunities all around and in ways other than sitting at a table or in a textbook.
6. I view homeschooling as training my children for life versus just giving them an education in the required subjects - this has transformed how I do everything!
7. Being in a community of other parents & families with similar values
8. Being more aware of the things going in my children's lives since we're together versus being apart for hours every day - I don't always know what's going on but our cultivated closeness helps with the open communication
9. The opportunity to expose our children to various cultures & languages at an early age (Sean speaks Spanish to the kids & they're learning Japanese too, which I speak)
10. I really love that we are living our values in this way.


Anonymous said...

Great list. Thanks for sharing.

One Christian Mom said...

Thanks for playing along! I love your responses. :)