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THAT Family Moment: Observant Kids

To help celebrate We are THAT Family's 2nd Blogoversary, I'm going to share a story. Long sigh. Not an easy one to share, but in the spirit of transparency, I will open the vault to show how we are THAT family too.
We are a talkative family and encourage our children to ask us questions/discuss things/etc. I am working on helping them understand the appropriate time to do those things and to consider someone's feelings before blurting out their thoughts. Now how to explain sparing Mommy's feelings and also not humiliating her in public???
The children (I had two at the time, ages 3 & 5) and I were shopping at a thrift store for Halloween costumes. A heavyset lady with a walker and leg braces commented on how adorable the children were as we walked by, and I proudly thanked her. Beaming. So delighted at the acknowledgment of my cute kids. I could see the curiosity on my daughter's face and answered her question before she asked, that the walker and braces helped support her and enable her to walk. And added that we should have compassion for people who struggle physically. As we made our way down another aisle, my daughter's eyes followed the slow progress of the lady with the walker. Did I mention that the lady was heavyset? With a sweet voice ringing with sincerity and her attempt to show compassion and understanding, my little darling said, "Mommy, your hiney is as big as hers!" My head whipped around as I loudly exclaimed, "It is NOT!" Trying to regain calm, I ushered us out of the store and grilled my little girl on the drive home. "Do you think this person's hiney is big (inserting various friends' names)???" And then tried to reason with my daughter about accurate comparisons and scale. Because I am a Momma fully in control of my emotions and utterly secure with my post-baby body!!!


Angela M. said...

I feel your pain. How does a mommy deal with being compared to a hippo? On the one hand, it hurt my feelings, but on the other hand, I LOVE hippos. Bless you, and all of us, as we strive for balance!

We are THAT Family said...

Sounds familiar ;D

Thanks for celebrating with me!