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Friend Making Monday: What Makes You Happy?


Amber hosts Friend Making Mondays and posts a different question every week. This week’s question is, “What makes you happy?”

My Children kids_Page_0The Ocean6783Flowers7060133 Reminders of God’s Faithfulness (see the rainbow effect & bird by the sun) 6958doverainbow Pumpkins & Making Things

Also, spending time with close friends, a great cup of coffee, answered prayer, rainy days, a good book, taking pictures, meeting a goal, putting together gift baskets, being with my family and working through communication challenges. These are some of the things that make me happy. What about you? Join the party and make some new friends in the process!

1 comment:

The Real Me! said...

Hi Miki,
Just stopped by to say hi. I love the pictures. Your children are gorgeous and the picture of the sky is breathtaking!
Those things would make me happy as well.