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I am THAT Mommy

Reflecting on a previous post about being THAT family, I realized that there were bizarre family moments that weren't initiated by the kids. Nope. Not them. The evidence points to the fact that I am THAT Mommy, y'know, the one that...

...Shaved her head completely bald after catching head lice at the pediatrician's office at her firstborn's two week old check-up. Beingbald headcropbw a first-time nursing Mommy concerned about the chemicals in lice treatment, freaking out about bugs in my very long and thick hair, with a newborn with a full head of hair, I had to take fast action. Concerned friends quietly passed the word about what I'd done and asked for lots of prayer, which is probably what enabled me to get through that first year until my hair grew back. Going bald is not a big deal, but the re-growth is a nightmare. I had a horrible cowlick that caused my hair in the back to grow straight up. No amount of hair product would make that area lay flat until my hair grew long enough - I was sporting bad 80's hair for a l-o-n-g time.Barnabas01017 ...Challenged a large man over 6 feet tall to step out into the parking lot of our church after service to settle this "once and for all" when he would not stop calling my infant son a "pretty boy," though I had asked him numerous times to stop. I do not tolerate labels being placed on my children, even in jest. It's a major deal with me, and this man would not respect my calm requests to cease. And I was serious about taking this outside (can't fight in church, y'know.)

...Scared my potty-training daughter the first time she made it to the bathroom by shouting with excitement, so she refused to do it again for several months. I am an expressive person.  Some might say excitable.  Hmm.50054999 ...Takes a gazillion pictures of every event that my children participate in, camping out early to get the best seats, crying and beaming - that's Mommyhood 101 isn't it?!!476248 ...Is asked by my daughter to not smile, clap or even look at her (impossible!) during her performances (see previous entry) because it embarrassed her. The ban has finally been lifted, thank God!IMG_3295IMG_4149_1538    ...Treats every sporting event that my son participates in like it's the major leagues and takes pictures like I'm shooting for ESPN. Who knows, I may be practicing for a new career in the future!Blogboysphoto …Starts picking out clothes for the holiday pictures months in advance and finds great pleasure in coordinating outfits, especially for her sons who happen to be born on the same day.  I just found a gray, white and red striped sweater for the youngest to match a sweater I purchased for the older one last year.  Now off to find clothes for the rest of us – pulling from what we already have and adding to them.  So excited!!!   49534951 …Has folders and folders filled with candid photos of her children, unable to resist capturing their antics and realizing that they’re growing up so quickly

There are many more moments like these; motherhood has brought out things in me that I didn't know existed, bold actions bordering on the crazies, passion, a tenderness, deep emotions, and a stronger voice. A favorite quote: "I'd fight for my husband but kill for my kids.”  True, so very true.

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love it :) I'm so glad to know you have a blog! I'll be reading :)