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Day Six: Art and Gifts

My art teacher is a lovely lady from my church who is amazingly talented 
and so generous with her time.
She pours of herself into me and encourages me tremendously.

She is a gift to me.
 Speaking of gifts,
Grandma brought coats for everyone!
We are ready to go sledding, snowshoeing, skiing - 
ready for any of the winter activities that Colorado has to offer!

Day Six...waiting in eager anticipation for Grandma to arrive.
Lots of hugs and exclamations!
Art class for me while the kids tried to beat Grandma in Sequence.
It's their favorite game to play together.
The evening wrapped up with cozy time chatting after dinner.


Marla and Steve said...

Your kids are so adorable I could just hug them. They are almost as adorable as my grandkids :) :) Oh how I would love to be in the sunshiny snow of Colorado, heading down a hill on a pair of skis. *sigh* Instead I get this gray and rain.....thank goodness we are heading to CA for Christmas so that I can soak in some sun.

BARBIE said...

The coats look so cozy! Now you are all ready to tackle the snow!