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Day Ten: A Practical Response

A friend and I were chatting about our desire for this holiday season to be about more than just ourselves...even the 25 Days of Christmas was supposed to be about more than our family's fun activities. We pass by people with cardboard signs throughout our town and wonder how to respond.  

We want to. Do something.  But what exactly?  Not being prepared with an answer and response makes us turn our heads away and end up doing nothing.  We sometimes remember to pray and that IS a response.  But we want to model compassion for our children, that if there is something we can do to help others that is in our power to do so, we should.  Pray for the problem and pray for the solution, God's way.  
We invited other homeschooling families from our church to make bags filled with practical items to give out to those we come across with the cardboard signs.  Water, snacks, handwarmers, gum, tissues, hand sanitizer, chapstick...we included a tract and a Christmas card in each bag.
With donations of items from church members, we were able to make three times the amount of bags we had planned for each family!
With our cars loaded, we are prepared to respond to others less fortunate with a kind word and practical gift...and we plan to keep our cars stocked too beyond this holiday season.  Carrying in our hearts the love we have received through the gift of Jesus Christ and finding ways to pour out to others His Love in ways that will minister to body and soul.  During the worship dance services, the pastor encouraged us to LEAK out into the community beyond the church walls.  Giving these bags is one way for us to LEAK with our children!

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Marla and Steve said...

OH, I love this post. What a great example to your children of sharing God's love.