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Days Eight and Nine: A Weekend of Celebration

 My baby girl's worship dance program was this weekend.
An exhausting schedule of tech and dress rehearsals plus four performances
turned out to be a tremendous blessing.
Sitting through that many services 
with beautiful worship music and dance uplifted my bruised soul.  
What is it about family attitudes/behavior/patterns that can wound so quickly? 
Nevertheless, a determination and declaration rose up from my heart:
"Choose for yourself this day who you will serve...
As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."  Joshua 24:15
Yes to His ways.
No to ways that are not of God.
My butterfly gave her all to the Lord and was breathtaking to behold.
It fills my heart with joy to see my children shine in the gifts God has given them.
Celebrating Him.
 The blessing of each child.
Wanting to build up, not tear down.
Living our family values.

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BARBIE said...

Oh how beautiful, and how proud you must be!