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Day One: Holiday Festival

Look who we ran into while waiting for a horse & carriage ride!
There's a groovy Work-Play Community in our town with bright colored, ultra-modern houses with chic restaurants and shops sprinkled throughout that was hosting a Holiday Festival along with a 5k Run-Walk to raise funds for a Homeless Outreach. We arrived just in time to cheer for the participants while waiting in line for a carriage ride.  Suddenly, Santa popped out of a store to invite the kids in for a free photo.  My kids looked genuinely puzzled when he asked them what they wanted him to bring them for Christmas...though they're familiar with Santa Claus, we'd never introduced the idea that he really brought presents for kids.  So they smiled and thanked him and waited excitedly for their turn on the carriage ride.
The carriage driver was super friendly and told us about other neat Holiday happenings in Ft. Collins, which is about 45 minutes north of us.  In fact, he gave us a lead on a place to ride a vintage sleigh!  The kids and I waved to people sitting in restaurants and on their balconies as we passed by.
Though the crowd waiting for a ride was long, our driver quickly jumped out and offered to take a picture of the whole family at the end of the ride.  
We walked over to the park in the middle of the neighborhood and listened while the runners received their awards.  There were tables offering free food and hot drinks - only in Colorado do you get served Bhakti Chai instead of hot chocolate at a Holiday Festival!

Day One of the 25 days wrapped up with dinner at home and the movie "Elf."  We let the kids stay up an hour past their bedtime to play with Legos, since they were all getting along so well.

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BARBIE said...

Looks like a perfect day! Can't wait for tomorrow!