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Day Four: Elf Hunting, Cookies and Conversation

This was posted on Facebook yesterday and described my sentiments exactly:
"I'm trying to be Fabulous today,
but I'm exhausted from being 
so freakin' Fabulous yesterday!"
So I'm a little late with this blog post...apologies :-)

Day Four of our month long adventure found us running an errand in Boulder.
I have a love-hate relationship with that place -
I love it because it's funky, and I hate it because it's funky.
It's the combination of hippie culture mixed with wealth and privilege.
Lots of cool shops and events, people-who-honk-incessantly-when-you-don't-do 
It's artsy and liberating but also leans way over the edge at times.

After our errand, we decided to go into Whole Foods for lunch.  
This sign immediately grabbed our attention.  
(One think you should know about us is that we love scavenger hunts.  In fact, we won 1st place at the Baltimore Inner Harbor Scavenger Hunt a few years ago, dressed as pirates.  
Here's the link to a Youtube video of the event...we start showing up at 30 seconds.
Ever ready for action, the Elf Hunting crew gathered their materials and went off to search.
Aha!  Found one!
 And another hiding out in the Deli section.  
There were some lovely Whole Foods employees who made our time there enjoyable.  
One lady kept checking up on the kids to make sure they were finding the elves,
and the lady at the Deli counter offered them samples of anything they wanted to try.
That made up for the number of shoppers who almost rammed into us with their carts and behaved so snooty in the store.  
 Barnabas suggested that we grab some bread and cheese for lunch -
very European!  So we did.
Crusty Ciabatta Bread with Gouda Cheese and Irish Butter
 Cheddar bunnies and natural soda.  A special treat.
The munchkin had his last swim class in the afternoon.
  As cute as the games are, I think we're going to avoid classes with animal names in the future.
I need him to know how to swim!
And I'm not so keen about the two little girls who chased him around the whole time.
Back off, girlies!
Our Rec Center is an awesome facilitiy including a large shallow area and slide for little ones,
two indoor slides, a lazy river with big tubes to float around on (my favorite)
a hot tub, steam room and sauna.  
 Day Four concluded with the celebration of National Cookie Day
we sat around the kitchen table chatting while munching on Oatmeal Scotchies, White Chocolate Chip Macadamia and Chocolate-Caramel Turtle Cookies.
A delicious way to end the day.   

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BARBIE said...

I love scavenger hunts. I am loving these posts my friend!