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Day Five: Preparation and Practice

We have a special guest arriving on Thursday.
Grandma is flying in for an early holiday visit and to see her granddaughter's recital.
We spent last winter with her and miss her tremendously.
Grandma lives across the bridge from NYC, and the we enjoyed numerous adventures there!
Today was a quiet day of preparation for her visit and rest.
The evening had us going different directions -
Barnabas had a swim class and practice for the Christmas play at church.
Mireille had tech rehearsals for her recital.
 Here are pictures from my baby girl's first recital when she was five.
 I just started a new painting of the her in the picture above.  
My beautiful butterfly.

It's important to take time for rest.
To refuel in order to finish strong.
(This is my precious Barnaboo at age four.  He was dressed as a football superhero,
a combination of his favorite things.  He took this race very seriously.)


Marla and Steve said...

Oh so sweet. Love the photos and lucky grandma for the visit.

BARBIE said...

So precious! Praying the kids are enjoying their visit with grandma!