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Life Is The Road We Are On Today

Several momentous things occurred today on our way to church.
First of all, the driver side mirror flew off. The SUV behind us that ran over it was full of laughing occupants. Their amusement caused us to laugh as well - what else can you do? Pull over and dodge cars to go after shards of glass and twisted metal??? I realized that laughing about it was the only reasonable thing to do, though I have been known to fuss and fume over such trivial matters that cannot be helped. Sean tried his best to repair that mirror - it popped off last week while he exited the bank drive thru. And last year, I backed up into a friend's mailbox and the passenger side mirror popped off. And we've managed to destroy the passenger side vanity mirror. So vehicle mirrors are not safe with us. Beware.
Every Sunday we pass a sign on the highway letting us know the number of miles to distant cities. 1700 miles to Denver. If we changed our minds about going to church and decided on a spontaneous adventure, we'd reach the Mile High City in a few days.
In our faithful Nissan Sentra. We bought this car, brand new, a month before I was due with our first baby. I was very concerned about Sean's beaten-up, survived-falling-into-a-ditch-full-of-water Subaru station wagon breaking down on the way to the hospital. And our Nissan continues to be a dependable friend, surviving the arrival and abuse of three children.
Putting it all together... I was thinking about how nice it would be to take such a road trip, say to Denver, in a roomy, new minivan. But our current reality is that we have this Nissan. Thankfully our three car seats fit in the back. It's cozy, but they fit. We have gone on and still do undertake road trips in this car - it's what we have in this season.
The life lesson: I have certain goals I am determined to meet, including building my business and shedding the extra baby weight. Often, my thoughts are about positives waiting in the distant future once I've reached my goals. "I'll be happy, satisfied, fulfilled, etc. when..." That's the future going on a road trip in a roomy minivan. But right now, I am at the Nissan level. Will that hinder me from living life to the fullest NOW, embracing the adventures today?
No, it should not. And I actively choose that it will not. Regardless of the current state or circumstance of my life, I absolutely can choose my attitude and behavior. And the standard of comparison (of success, value, ability) is whatever the Word says about me, my abilities, my future, etc. I am a creative photographer today and will continue to grow and develop as an artist. The place I reside in may not be mine, but it is still a warm, comfortable place for our family while we are in it. I am a vibrant woman today, taking care of my entire being (spirit, soul and body), and I will continue on that path of health and well-being. I wear clothing today that is becoming, and I will still dress modestly and in a way that is honoring no matter the size. It's so not about living for some time in the future WHEN. That when is today. Live life to the fullest today. With goals for the future, but with satisfaction of really being in the moment now. I will rejoice around town while in our red Nissan, and I will rejoice where we end up next and when we are able to upgrade our car. I'll rejoice in my now size and now abilities, and I will rejoice as the pounds come off and give it my all as I develop my art. Life is the road we are on today.

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One Christian Mom said...

Awesome! I, too have a tendency to focus on the little stuff. Sometimes I will dwell on it. I have been learning recently to let it go. You seem to have taken it a step further, a step I need to take. Live life for today, leave tomorrow for tomorrow. I love it :)