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Halfway Through Week Two of School

As the title declares, we're halfway though week two of school. Already I've had thoughts of, "I can't do this!" Not a good sign so early in the year. But hormonal challenges (code word for PMS), according to hubby, are playing a starring role in the momentary panic-frustration-overwhelming feeling.
I've experienced something new, though. An epiphany of sorts (at least for me!) If I wait. quietly. keep my peace. no rants. then the feeling passes. It totally does. And I can get back into the swing of things without ruining the moment or more. Today, I gave the kids a writing assignment when the stormy grays rolled in (and because they were not following instructions/paying attention very well); they had to write "I will listen" multiple times. A slight diversion that bought me a few minutes of quiet time, and I was able to transition smoothly into Geography after they wrapped up their sentences. Victory, whew!
A new equation in our homeschool this year is an adorable, active and very vocal toddler. He does not like NOT being the center of attention for long and lets us know of his displeasure. Loudly. And in other ways: he launches toys at our work table, squeezes his way into the kids' chairs or under the table to tickle feet, tries to sneak off with school supplies, etc. I do pick him up and hold him on my lap sometimes, but he gets restless and wants to climb onto the table or toss the books.
That's part of the adjustment we are all learning how to make this year. It's a cross between a giggle and a sigh for me, balancing the quality of our days as a whole with all of these various parts. Learning time is important. Play time is important. Spending quality time with the children is very important. Learning appropriate boundaries is important. Discipline and order are important. Laughter and flexibility are important. Momma staying calm is very, very important. And the thing we've put as the first part of our day this year is most important: we are starting each morning with family Bible time and then devotions: the girls together and the boys together. Some one on one time talking and praying together. Because of that, I believe our year will be the most successful one we've had thus far, despite Momma's grumpies and the strong will of a 20 month old cutie pie.


One Christian Mom said...

Oh, my! Your days sound much like mine, except I am not pregnant. I have a 22 month old, and he wants in in the worst way. I give him paper and crayons, and he reaches over and colors brother's paper. He wants me to read him HIS book, etc. It will be a learning curve for sure. You have the right idea, and I may add devotions to our morning time as well. Thanks for your insight! :)

One Christian Mom said...

Why oh why did I think you were pregnant? Oh, well. Chalk it up to me being crazy right now :) Thank you so very much for your encouragement and prayers, they mean the world to me!