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An Apple A Day...

My personal journey towards beautiful, clear skin and a balanced, healthier lifestyle has begun. After three days of a detox diet of apples and water, I will be able to eat a variety of vegetables and fruits tomorrow. Yippee!
The first and last day weren't too bad; the excitement of starting and the relief to be at the end helped me endure. The second day was definitely the most challenging. I was tired of eating apples, though I faithfully chomped on them throughout the day. I had a lingering headache, the effects of the detox as well as frustration from unfinished elements in our new living quarters. So I did what any normal, food deprived, hormonally challenged woman would do - I had a total meltdown. I can't remember the last time I cried and vented like that. My dear hubby sent the children upstairs to color while he listened and consoled me. Sweet man!
I bought myself a ruby red divided tray at Target in order to easily split up the percentages of certain fruits, vegetables and proteins I need to consume on this specialized plan. The average time before many people saw complete clearing of the psoriasis patches was three months; it is important to follow the strict guidelines until I experience total clearing. After that, I can ease up some but have to monitor which foods cause a reaction. I am approaching this as a lifestyle change versus a short-term diet to fix one area. Eating larger quantities of fruits and vegetables and avoiding white products, processed foods, etc. is a great thing and helps keep balance in the body. I am excited that this will improve our family's eating habits - though we've purchased mostly organic foods for several years now, we still need to eat more vegetables and fruits versus pasta, rice and breads.
Part of the plan also emphasizes right thinking and positive attitudes. I do believe that this is the path towards a healthier overall me and that my skin will clear up as part of the process. I believe excess baggage will be shed physically and emotionally as I take better care of myself inside-out. Eating fresh, invigorating foods will give me more energy to be the best me I can be for the glory of God. Thinking right thoughts and facing the world with a positive attitude is right out of God's Word, the source of all that is right and positive. God has a unique purpose for me, designed for me even as he specifically shaped my body, chose my features, and gifted me with certain abilities. I am thrilled that this journey encompasses all of me, not just the physical, and God walks with me through it. He has gently been leading me all along, Faithful Shepherd, and I am so grateful. God is so wonderfully specific in His communion with His beloved. He is intimate and personal with us, loving us so thoroughly. That we would wholeheartedly embrace Him in return, open our hearts in worship, fill our minds with the beauty of His Word, and be all that He has created us to be. Be glorified, God.

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