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A Personal Journey

I am about to embark on a huge personal journey. Like the woman in the Bible with the issue of blood who spent everything she had on doctors but only found her condition worsen, I too have had a health issue for decades that doctors could not help. It started when I was three years old, and my poor mother dragged me to numerous doctors and specialists to find a cure. We tried all the treatments - putting coal tar ointments on my skin, wrapping it in plastic wrap, putting patches of medicinal tape all over - to no avail. I've suffered with psoriasis, a skin condition that results in red, dry, sometimes itchy patches of skin on various parts of the body. It has mainly showed up on my arms and legs, though at times it has appeared on my face and on my scalp.
I grew up with it not bothering me too much or affecting my self esteem, though sometimes people would make ignorant comments about my skin. Having psoriasis has not held me back from many areas of life, and I even did some modeling for a few years during and after high school. But as a Christian who believes in divine healing, it has been in those circles where I have felt the most pressure to "be healed." I've sought God, knew I would see the manifestation of healing and have clear, radiantly beautiful skin and also gain understanding about the underlying causes of this disease as well as gain balance in my life as part of the healing process. I always sensed that healing for psoriasis had to take place from the inside out - something from deep within was causing the patches and itchy skin.
Recently I came across a resource that incorporates faith and natural measures to bring healing for psoriasis, and I am embarking on this journey in a few days. It requires a major commitment on my part to form better lifestyle habits and to take good care of myself. I am so thankful for the Lord leading me to this place in such a gentle manner. My posts will also document the changes, challenges and ongoing journey with God. I want my temple to be the most honoring testimony to the greatness of God, but I continually rejoice that, regardless of anything physical, I am a child of God, made perfect in His image.

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One Christian Mom said...

I pray that you are able to make this journey with ease, and that it helps draw you closer to the Lord, and to healing!