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Blessings in Maryland

As my foggy brain began to clear this morning, the thought that popped into my head was to make a list of all the blessings we've received since we moved to Maryland last year. Grieving a loss, even of a job situation, can be a roller coaster of emotions. So actively focusing on the positive will help boost my current state. Plus, God has been so very good to us, and it's important to remember how very good He has been, so here goes:
Blessings since we moved to Maryland:
1. Moving close to both sets of families. We've been able to see both sets of families numerous times throughout the year as well as close friends, since the drive is reasonable. We've had friends and family visit us too, which was special.
2. Giving birth with a midwife and in a tub. Experiencing birth with a midwife who encouraged me to trust my body was amazing. I chatted and laughed throughout most of my labor because I was relaxed and knew what was taking place along the way. Pushing out my son in the tub was surreal - it was such an intimate atmosphere, and I felt so powerful. Meeting this little one in person was precious.
3. Christian friends in a new community. Though it was hard to leave our dear friends, meeting amazing people here has been a tremendous blessing. From church friends to friends made in the homeschooling community, our lives have been touched by wonderful people.
4. Getting back on our feet financially and working for a great company. Owning our own business was a tremendous learning experience, but we took a hit financially. So being under the umbrella of a great company with all the benefits has been a huge blessing. Thank You, Lord, for this stabilizing time.
5. Living in a smaller space together, promoting closeness. It's always been my preference to live closer together, which goes against the norm in American culture - it must come from my upbringing in Japan. But I think this last year has been a positive experience for all of us, realizing that sharing space can be a good thing.
6. Experiences with the children in our new city. From navigating downtown, visiting museums, hiking a historic trail in Ellicott City, taking numerous walks with our homeschool group, going on various field trips, we have enjoyed what Baltimore has to offer.
7. Growing in new ways personally. I have grown as an individual this last year and have enjoyed being challenged to grow - spiritually, creatively, as a mom, as a wife, as a daughter, as a sister, as a friend, as a teacher... Thank God for growth!
In numerous other ways, God has both provided for us and blessed us. We can't help but remain thankful and positive when we consider just how faithful God has been to us. Life has not been perfect; it has not been without challenges. God has been faithful.

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