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Birthday Boys

My boys just celebrated their birthdays at the end of December; my older son prayed that his brother would be born on his birthday and so it happened! They'll be forever linked in this special way. My husband and I imagine them getting together as adults for birthday celebrations, flying in from other countries, perhaps, or planning a family get-together to welcome the new year. A beautiful gift for me was that as the younger one went through various stages his first year, it was like reliving his brother's first year, a year that was marked by personal challenges for me.
What does the future hold for these precious ones? I may not know the specific details, but a mother's heart holds a lot of hope and dreams. I know the One Who holds them in the palm of His hand, so their future is secure in that sense. I find myself praying for their future spouses on occasion, praying that even now as young children their hearts will be close to God, for His protection and guidance. I pray that our families will get along and truly enjoy being together, marked by unity in Christ and genuine affection. I pray that my boys will be Godly leaders, sensitive to His voice and actively pursuing their purpose.
My little boys... The mischievous twinkle in your eyes as you conquer your toys, building your worlds, and holding your sister's dolls captive. Your adoration of the princess of your hearts, a sister who is so fiercely protective of you and answers your cries faster than even Mommi sometimes. Your future wives will have to contend with two ferocious tigers in their quest to marry you...Momma and Sissie. In the meantime... May God shine His light and His favor upon you two, fill you with wisdom and knowledge, watch over you two to become strong men after His own heart.

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