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Love Comforts

I've been quiet a lot lately because I haven't felt able to put into too many words everything that's been happening.  God's grace is very near, throughout this period of disbelief, fear, confusion and turmoil.  I have confidence that my prayers are before Him, and so I've turned to lifting up others who are also facing trauma.  Too many.  How does anyone make it through without Jesus?

Last night I was finally able to attend a monthly meeting for our homeschool co-op group. Mostly ladies I've met only a few times, except for the leader who I connected with right after moving to Colorado.  Instead of discussing what was on the agenda, the Holy Spirit ushered in a time of transparently sharing challenges and needs.  Then we prayed for one another, encouraged and was a precious time.

I drove home less broken, more free to open my heart before the Lord.  I have a tendency to withdraw, to turn deeply inward during difficult times, even towards the Lord.  To turn more of my burden over to His capable, caring arms was a huge relief.

Things aren't "fixed", but God is here in the midst of it all with me.  And He walks with me (and us) moment by moment.    

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BARBIE said...

It's so true that when we fix our eyes on the needs of those around us, our needs are often met. So thankful you sense His presence with you through this storm.