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Oh, Give Me A Home...

 ...where the buffalo roam, where the deer and the antelope play.  Where seldom is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day.  (Home On the Range)
These are photos from our visit to Walker Ranch on Sunday, up in the mountains west of Boulder.  I asked the friend who told me about this place if I'd need a tranquilizer or something to get up the mountain (windy roads and sheer drop-offs are not my friends.)  "No, not at all," she assured me.  HA!   

I seriously don't know how the pioneers got to this place.  But they did, back in 1882, when the Walkers filed a homestead claim and turned it into one of the biggest cattle ranches in this part of Colorado.  Can you see the horses plowing the field on the left hand bottom part of the picture below?
  Are you ready to trade in your modern appliances for this stove?
 Life wasn't easy out on the ranch.
But the kids thought this was fun, 
and Keizo wanted to wash the whole bucket of socks! 
 Take it from someone who had to wash their clothes by hand in Ethiopia - 
the novelty wears off very quickly.  
The schoolhouse (above), 
though I don't think they taught you how to be a cowboy there.
For that, you need hands on learning.
From an enthusiastic cowboy.
They open the ranch four times a year, and we are all looking forward to another visit.  Though I will not be venturing up the mountain once it snows, unless it's by horse and wagon.  Right.  


Anonymous said...

What a sweet post and such cute photos of the kids! Beautiful country but I think I like modern conveniences :) I would not have done well in the "olden days."

Bree said...

love this-what fun! beautiful pictures!