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A Quieter Season

The usherance of autumn coincides with a quieter season in my life.  I welcome it.  After an emotionally tumultuous summer of sorrow, a contemplative, restful autumn is the perfect antidote.

Week Two of homeschooling went well.  I really like the books we've chosen for each subject, except Spelling.  Ugh.  I am ready to throw it out the window and am searching for an alternative.  In general, I cannot stand anything that is overly fussy, too regimented and stern (maybe because the Hyde part of me can be that way.)  Yes, this Spelling curriculum is STERN.  My children, like me, are voracious readers, and I believe that will help them with spelling more than the gazillion rules and confusing processes this text dictates.

Fridays wrap up with a park day, and I have had the pleasure of meeting many lovely ladies while my children make new friends.  We've exchanged e-mail addresses and are friends on Facebook...  Finally.  After nearly 6 months, Colorado is becoming home. 

Something I am very much looking forward to is a Photography Workshop I am going to be teaching for homeschooled kids.  There are good things on the horizon!  

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