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Getting Off The Couch...

You know that definition of insanity: doing something over and over the same way and expecting a different result?  Stop the madness!  

I've started running.

My 40th birthday is six months away, and I've wanted to make some major changes in my life for quite some time, especially with my body.  Though I have great endurance with swimming and other activities, I've never been a runner.  Intrigued by many of my friends' postings on Facebook about the miles they've run and greatly admiring their accomplishments, I decided to step out onto the track myself.  God provided a partner in this new adventure, and we are doing a program called "The Couch to 5K Running Program."  The end of the program is the week before a 5K race on Thanksgiving morning.  How convenient...

We completed our first week of training last week, and it's getting a tiny bit easier for me each time.  I am looking forward to crossing the finishing line Thanksgiving morning, approximately eight weeks from now.  What goals do you have or what changes would you like to see in your life by Thanksgiving???

What are some 

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Marla @ Always Nesting said...

Good for you. Although I workout several times a week (step, weight lifting, spin, Zumba) I only run on occasion. I hate running outdoors - I feel like my lungs are full and I can't breathe but I do run indoors on a treadmill sometimes. I just get bored with it but I have to say it's very empowering when I do run.

That saying, run faster jump higher...that's how I feel when I run.