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Ice Cream Therapy

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Tonight the kids and I are going to our local library for a "Back To School Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Social."  Doesn't it sound fun?  

For me, it's therapy.  Ice cream, books, hanging out with the kids and watching them have a's the simple things that make life wonderful.    

Though I have everything together for the school year, I am waiting until September 6th to start.  The kids and I still have some summer lingering still to do, a few more swimming outings and lazy mornings before "the schedule" kicks in.

I'm thinking about welcoming the new school year with a "Tea at the Park," since it is our tradition to celebrate holidays and special occasions with homemade scones, lemon curd and tea.  We are blessed to be surrounded by numerous parks, and it'd be lovely to celebrate with new friends.  

Ice cream socials.  Tea parties.  And an upcoming start to a Book Club.  Social events like these are helping me to get out and experience life at a time when I'd rather curl up in bed and sleep too much.  Some days, it's sheer willpower that gets me going, but on other days, that alone isn't enough.  Strong coffee helps.  Praying really helps.  And so does recognizing that this is a normal part of grieving and that it won't be like this forever.

Thank you for hanging in there with me!  I appreciate the many encouraging, loving words and prayers for me and my family.  Along with several creative projects s-l-o-w-l-y taking shape, I am looking forward to sharing more about our upcoming homeschooling year, photography, Colorado outings and adventure as well as writing from my heart and testifying to the loving faithfulness of God through every season of life.  Blessings, friends!

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