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A sentimental bug has bitten me this morning.
Watching my youngest baby-no-more,
exerting his independence,
so curious and determined to try everything.
"I do it!  I do it!"
His constant refrain.
Bundled up after a recent outing to the reservoir,
he said, "Mama, I so cozy!"
And he likes to pat my head and tell me,
"I like your hair."

It seems like just yesterday...


Anonymous said...

Oh, sooooo sweet!!!! Oh, How I love sweet snuggly babies and yes, they grow and say the cutest darn stuff :) You are very blessed.

U doing ok, honey?

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Oh, he is so precious! I love these photos. Especially the one where he has your nose :-) My babies just turned 10 this month. They really do grow up too fast!