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Floral Headbands & A New Blog!

How cute is my sweet Butterfly? She inspires me to create and is my design partner for headbands and other hair ornaments. I've started a new blog called "The House of Beauty and Culture" to share art. culture. crafts. furniture makeovers. make-up tips. photography. poetry. etc.
To make these headbands, I wrapped ribbon around plain headbands, securing the ends with glue and making sure to wrap ribbon over them. For the orange headband, I glued the flower to the top of the headband and then used thread to additionally secure the flower onto the headband. I pulled the green flower apart and glued each layer onto the headband, including some of the larger petals. I used rhinestones for some sparkle to the center of the green flower. My daughter wore the green headband to church today and looked adorable! To coordinate with her, I pinned one of the green flowers onto a black cap with a large safety pin.

I couldn't resist showcasing the headbands with some artsy photographs. Come on over to the new blog - my artistic soul wilts without a creative outlet, so the new blog serves as a place to gather the things that make life beautiful and delightful.

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One Christian Mom said...

So beautiful! You have such wonderful creative insight, and your daughter is beautiful in them! She must get many compliments. :)