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Celebrating Autumn!

Of all the seasons, I would definitely describe myself as Autumn. I love the oranges and browns, the scent of pumpkin and cinnamon, the crisp air and even the melancholy trees as their leaves drift off. Fall is the time for apple picking, sweaters, nippy mornings, pumpkin carving, lots of baking, early evenings, diving under soft comforters, and homemade soups. These are among my most favorite things in the world!
To welcome the season, I gathered our Fall decorations and put together some Fallscapes by pulling apart an old wreath and topiaries I'd made previously. Two of these huge glass bowls were lying around the house, and I alternated pinecones, small pears and apples, sparkly fruit and pumpkins with floral stems as filler. One Fallscape is on a floating shelf in the living room while the other is on a table near the entrance. I added a few drops of a cinnamon-clove oil to the arrangement to make them smell like Fall...mmmmmmmm!

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Mandi @ Finding Home said...

I love fall too! It's hands down my most favorite season. Reading your post had me longing to be sipping some cider and enjoying a caramel apple. Hope you have a great night!! And I'm so snagging your idea for the cinnamon oil! Great idea!