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Happy Campers

My first camping trip.  Ever.  And with a group of girls from Missionettes (a program similar to Girl Scouts).  Thank God that Butterfly and I did a trial run of putting up our tent the day before, because it was dark by the time we got to the campsite. Forgotten supplies, latecomers and an accident on the road delayed our arrival about two hours.  Butterfly was awesome, pulling out the poles and tent stakes for me.  At one point, I even held the small flashlight in my teeth in order to find the parts to secure the poles to the tent.  Inwardly, my competitive nature had kicked things up a notch, and I was secretly racing with the other two leaders setting up tents.  They’ve been camping numerous times before, but I did beat them!  our tent_Page_0After gathering by the main fire, singing worship songs and hearing a short message about the weekend’s theme, I was put in charge of making S’mores with the girls.  Hello?  Novice camper here – and you want me to be close to the fire with giddy eight year olds?!?  Thankfully, just a few girls decided to make the treats, and I was only poked by burning marshmallows three times.breakfast camp_Page_0 Butterfly and I curled up in our cozy tent, and she fell asleep right away.  Chattering girls and the newness of the experience kept me awake for another hour.  I lay in the tent, wondering if it was going to rain and if any animals would wander close to our tent, which was closest to the woods.  I had already killed one spider.  I was ready to address any other creature that would try to invade our space.beach_Page_0The following day was filled with hiking, crafts, making breakfast, lunch and dinner outdoors, and breaking up the drama that some little girls insist on creating…  My sweet Butterfly flitted from one activity to the next, mireille_Page_0

looking out for her friends – I was so proud of her as she stayed to encourage and pray for two girls who were struggling with the memory verse.  We partnered together to each help a girl and shouted when they finally received their rewards.mireille star_Page_0

Camping was a delightful experience.  There’s something special about being away from everything and communing with nature.  Butterfly and I got to see one another in a new environment, and working together brought us even closer, deepening our love and appreciation of each other.  God has truly blessed me with a precious and wonderful daughter!

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Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds like a lot of fun. I think missionettes is a great thing.