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Here I am...

I have been MIA for most of July, and I do miss Blogland desperately. But other things have needed my time and attention as desperately or more. One thing I've been working on feverishly is my new photography website. Though I published it last night, it is still in the tweaking stage, so the grand public debut will be pushed back a few days.
I also have tons of photos and stories to share from our time in Virginia Beach, my hometown, as well as an overnight trip with longtime friends to a bed and breakfast on the Eastern Shore. Some of my favorite moments during my time in Virginia:
  • Having a picnic dinner at the beach with a dear friend while the kids frolicked in the water and played in the sand. A more perfect evening one could not ask for!
  • Literally rolling around and clutching my side as I screamed with laughter at some ridiculous observations while on the weekend getaway. (The proud display of antique potty chairs? Why keep those around? Some antiques need to enjoy a quiet, dignified retirement.)
  • Watching the kids participate in the celebration at the end of the Worship Dance Camp. I was so moved by the dances that I bawled. Boo-hoo mascara running all over the place, but who cares? My KIDS were dancing to worship God. Beautiful.
I'll post pictures soon and return to expressing my thoughts, sharing stories really soon. G'nite Blogland and dear friends. I've missed you.

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