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Day Twenty-Four: See Sign Below

Sleep continues to be a challenge, but the diversions to sleep have been eye-opening. (Get it? Eye-opening = no sleep. A taste of my goofy sense of humor.) On Wednesday, I was pondering the adjustments we've made since our major life change in January, and I was feeling positive and victorious in handling our current living situation. On Thursday, I had a meltdown regarding the uncertainties and the frustration of being unsettled. Today, I am back to where I was before Wednesday, making the most of our current situation without looking too far ahead to all the unknowns.
I have hope. Sometimes I get discouraged and feel really down about everything. But I have responsibilities and little ones looking to me for stability and comfort. So I just keep trying to turn my concerns and sorrows to God, communicating my struggles to Sean and close friends, and keep the day before me as fun and engaging as possible for the kids' sake. And somehow we get through day by day, and see the faithfulness of God in keeping us afloat. The blessings and grace of God outweigh the challenges of life. This is true. God is good, seriously, all the time He is so good.

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