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Day Thirty: The End

Today is the final day of this 30 Day Challenge. Time to move on to other things, like an upcoming road trip with the kids and a getaway with some girlfriends - hurray! Sitting on the beach, catching up with longtime friends...bliss. I had a lot of fun these last thirty days of not successfully meeting my challenge of getting to sleep by 10 pm. and accomplished a lot, including building my new website and working on several creative projects. A friend is starting another 30 Day Challenge in about a week or so, and I need to dig deep to see what I CAN and WILL commit to for this one. My final conclusion about the sleep thing? I will continue to get all of us on a workable schedule for sleep, ensuring that I get some alone time in the evenings. Then I think sleeping at a more decent hour won't be as much a challenge. It's a work in progress, as some things in life just are. And since it is a good change to make, I'm going to keep at it. One day soon, things will settle down more and more in this current whirlpool of uncertainty. In the meantime, I'll be splashing around, trying not to get too dizzy, and keeping my life jacket on securely...trying to have fun, not allowing the stress to drag me down, and turning time and again to God's Word for guidance.

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