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Lists and Questions

Something you should know about me is: I like lists and questions. I like making lists, not only of the grocery shopping or to do varieties, but lists of favorites, or lists of hope to dos, or lists of clothing items to pack for each day of our vacation. I write down each day, every family member's name, then list the items of clothing they'll need for that day of our vacation. Then I try to pack the items for that day all together as a unit. It's fun to me! Late summer, I start a list of people and possible Christmas gift ideas as well as our Christmas card list, which thankfully has expanded every year with new friends. I also like questions........not necessarily the "why is the sky blue, why are we going to the store, why can't I have the toy, why can't we eat at Chik-Fil-A???..." kind, but thought, provoking questions. One great question I was asked at a church training seminar once was, "If money was no object and you knew you couldn't fail, what would you do?" I'm still working on that one. As a matter of fact, I recently figured out that I will be 52 when my youngest is through with high school. What do I want to have accomplished by 52? What do I want to do with my time then? Career? Travel? What will my 40s look like, or better yet, what do I want my 40s to look like? I had a list in my 20s of things I would like to accomplish before turning 30, and I was surprised at the things I DID actually accomplish on that list. I didn't treat it like a HAVE TO DO List, and these things happened in the course of my life. Very cool! The things I didn't accomplish I planned to move to the next list, things I would like to accomplish before turning 40. Only, I never actually started that list. Hmmm, what are some of those items? Things I would like to do before age 40: Spend quality time in Paris Roam the countryside in England, Ireland, and Tuscany Write a book Be fit Participate in a sporting event Have a photography show at an art gallery Go back to school to finish my degree Have things at home organized to run like clockwork ;-) Those are some of the things on my list, more to be added later. Any suggestions?

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One Christian Mom said...

First, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I didn't even know you yesterday, and today you are supporting me during what I pray is the darkest time in my life! I pray that I never again feel as low as I did yesterday. All of my new "blog friends" have actually supported me more in 2 days than my real life ones have been doing. That is partly my fault, I never lay it out there like I did yesterday. I have definately felt the prayers today, it has been a MUCH better day, but more on that for my blog :-)

I didn't used to like lists, but as I get older, I notice more and more that they are helping me. Not just because I am more forgetful, but it's harder to stay organized without them! A few lists that I have going right now:
Things I want to bake
Presents to make
Websites to visit
Of course, along with the lists of what chore on what day, and the grocery list, etc.
Thanks again! I am glad I have made a new friend :-)