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Have you met Curious Garg?

I've always enjoyed Curious Garg books, except the one in which he broke his arm. I remember being very concerned about him when I read that as a child. Have you met Curious Garg? This childhood classic was recreated this morning as my five year old read aloud to me while I worked in the kitchen. Curious Garg? In truth, I heard his voice as he read but my mind was elsewhere...and I almost set the kitchen on fire making tea. Ok, so I'm not a huge fan of gas stoves because of the open flame. And sure enough, my tea bag steeping in the teapot caught on fire as it innocently dangled on the side of the teapot. Never mind the fact that it could have happened on an electric stove as well. Really, it was only a very, very small fire. Anyway, I digress. As he worked his way through the reader, "Garg" was the one word that puzzled me until he finally asked me with exasperation, "Mom, what does G-E-O-R-G-E spell?" I guess the story wasn't making much sense to him either, since the main character was nowhere to be found! "It spells George," I replied. "OHHHHHHHHH!!! I read the whole book wrong but am too far to start over now," he responded. Of course I had to tease him about "Garg," and we enjoyed some giggles over that. Have I mentioned that I'm a homeschooling mom? Faith to go to Africa solo was nothing compared to the stretching faith I've clung to ever since I stared homeschooling. It's one thing to be responsible only for yourself but being responsible for the education of several children?! Yikes! I always thought successful homeschooling was for those PATIENT and CALM mommies, who didn't mind having a 6 foot volcano in the middle of the living room. I minded!!! I could go on and on about the qualities I lack, but I won't. Because those really don't matter. They don't. The bottom line is that I believe that God called me to homeschool my children. I believe that it's the best for them for this season of their lives, especially since Sean and I can impart our multi-cultural heritage to the children, including teaching them a foreign language or two while they are young. Homeschooling challenges me to be more disciplined, aware of the world, in the moment with the kids - all good things. And I am learning so much. Do you know off the top of your head the difference between a frog and a toad? I learned that because my daughter was curious. Off to the Internet we went. What an adventure!!! I like curiousity and consider myself quite a curious person..........a Curious Garg, I guess.

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One Christian Mom said...

VERY cute story. Kids are too much sometimes. I love the "aha" moment, when they get it. Not Garg, George. It's a curious george story! ROFL.

Have you been homeschooling from the start? We put my daughter in preschool because everyone else thought it would be best for her. Then I realized it wasnt. We let her go the year, and I started homeschooling her this year. I realized all that she wasn't catching on to in preschool, all the things that would have passed over her this year. It was definately a calling and I never even realized it!