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Carving Pumpkins in the heat

Today was a lovely, lovely day. The children and I visited a friend to celebrate Fall and to carve pumpkins. In previous years, my eldest and I carved the pumpkin together (because of her age, I did the actual carving while she dictated the designs), but this year she did it all by herself! And her pumpkin had twinkling, slanted eyes, a friendly grin and pigtails, as all girly pumpkins ought to have! Speaking of pumpkins, I am crazy about all things pumpkin..........such as pumpkin lattes, scones, muffins, pancakes, cookies. I normally don't get overly excited about food things, but pumpkin season sends me over the edge! My contribution to our Fall celebration/pumpkin carving day was homemade pumpkin scones, yummmmmmmmmmmm!!! The key to making scones is to not overly mix the batter, though the ingredients do need to be blended. And I usually decrease the amount of sugar in my scone recipes, especially because this recipe has a glaze. I got this recipe from ENJOY!

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